St Stephen in Brannel
Parish Register Page

This page is my attempt at making the parish registers for St Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England available to all. I have a searchable database of these records, along with the others I've extracted from here and there. This page is only the St Stephen In Brannel records, broken into 10 year chunks.

has also extracted a load of these records, so it is worth checking out her site. She also has the 1841 census for St Stephen In Brannel on-line.

Please note that these records have been extracted by me from the bishops transcripts and have not been checked (there are errors). I intend to check against the original records, but have not done this yet. The transcription is also not yet complete.

Please note that the order of the dates follows the modern calendar, with January 1st being the start of the year. This happens even for those years when March 25th was the start of the year. This is a function of storing the records in a database and grabbing them from there and isn't under my control.

Baptism Records
1690-1699 , 1700-1709 , 1770-1779 , 1780-1789 , 1790-1799 , 1800-1809 , 1810-1819

Marriage Records
1740-1749 , 1750-1759 , 1760-1769 , 1770-1779 , 1780-1789 , 1790-1799 , 1800-1809 , 1810-1819 , 1830-1839 , 1840-1849 , 1850-1859

Burial Records
1690-1699 , 1700-1709 , 1710-1719 , 1720-1729 , 1730-1739 , 1740-1749

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