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I started this for my own enjoyment and to learn about my own and my wife's families, and have met many nice people along the way. I have managed to link up distant cousins that didn't know of each others existance. This has been great!
Unfortunatly, there are some that seem to consider information on dead relatives to be their property, and aren't shy about letting you know that.
There is information on this site about people who aren't related to me. Some of these have married into 'my' lines and I've met up with their descendents. There is a family whose daughters lived with my grandmother after their parents were killed in the war. There are people whose surnames are the same as others I was trying to find in the same area and I grabbed their details while looking through various records. Still others are totally unrelated and here because the researcher has asked me to put them on my site so others can connect. I'll forward information and contact details back and forwards in these cases.
If you would like some information removed from these pages, please let me know and I will remove it. However, I will only remove the last couple of generations.

Here is a special request from David Ward:

My name is David Ward, a descendant from the Ward/Rasmussen/Wright/McRoberts/Hingston/Edmonds family lines.
I am collecting email addresses for key people in the McRoberts/Edmonds/Hingston families, with the view to rewriting the McRoberts book published in 1995.
What I propose is to get key people to write the stories for their family lines & compile these into a book for the wider family. If there is enough interest we may be able to rewrite & update the Edmonds book published in the 1980's and maybe write a Hingston book.
So please send me email addresses for those who are keen family historians within your families, or forward this email onto them so they can contact me personally.

I am also starting to collect information & stories on the next generations for Vol. 2 Anthology of the life & times of the Brown & Lane families'. If you are related to the Brown or Lane families mentioned in volume 1, please contact me so the records can be brought up-to-date.

David Ward

Complete family tree done with GEDPage Complete family tree done with GEDBrowser
Complete family tree done with GeneWeb (database driven). Family tree done with Dynamic Family Tree
Complete family tree done with GedComWeb (home grown) General information on the Sartorelli name and Sartorelli families.
Searchable British Census records. These are just some extracts I have done for my own research. Searchable Parish Register information. Again, these are just extracts of interest to me, your mileage may vary.
RTF files of extractions I have made from various LDS films. Parish Records from St Stephen In Brannel

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